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Division Fixtures

ACCRINGTON Hyndburn Sports Centre
Monday, 11th March Monday, 20th May
Warm-up 7:00pm Warm-up 7:15pm
BURNLEY BOBCATS Padiham Sports Centre
Monday, 9th September Wednesday, 27th March
Warm-up 7:00pm Warm-up 6:45pm
GREAT HARWOOD Mercer Hall Leisure Centre
Thursday, 26th September Monday, 21st October
Warm-up 7:00pm Warm-up 7:45pm

Friendly League Division

Burnley Bobcats
Great Harwood

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Darwen has withdrawn from the league leaving just four teams to compete in the 2019 season.

The format has now been changed again, with the 16 years and under age group being scrapped, the 12 years and under becoming the 13 years and under, and the 14 years and under becoming the 15 years and under age group.
The age groups are now 9/10 years, 13 years and under, 15 years and under, and open.

There will be two more mixed medley relays being added for thr 10 years and under, and the 16 years and under. The 13 years and under, and open relays will remain. The canon relay will revert back to 8 x 25m with one male and female swimmer from each of the four age groups.

The Open Mixed Medley Relay will now start the contest with the open individual medley races moving to the middle of the programme.