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Division Fixtures

ACCRINGTON Hyndburn Sports Centre
Monday, 23rd October Monday, 24th April
Warm-up 7:30pm Warm-up 7:15pm
BURNLEY BOBCATS Padiham Sports Centre
Monday, 12th June Wednesday, 27th September
Warm-up 7:30pm Warm-up 6:45pm
DARWEN Darwen Leisure Centre
Monday, 22nd May Monday, 11th September
Warm-up 7:30pm Warm-up 7:15pm
GREAT HARWOOD Mercer Hall Leisure Centre
Monday, 9th October Monday, 17th July
Warm-up 7:30pm Warm-up 7:30pm
TODMORDEN Todmorden Sports Centre
Monday, 3rd July Monday, 19th June
Warm-up 7:30pm Warm-up 7:00pm

Friendly League Divisions

Great Harwood
Burnley Bobcats

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There has been a change to the structure of the age groups and the relays for this year. The age groups are now 9/10 years, 13 years and under, 16 years and under, and open.

As a result of the introduction of only allowing category one swimmers to compete, which was voted 6 for and 5 against, the teams of Clitheroe, Ramsbottom and Pioneer 79 had to withdraw from the league as they would not be able to field a team. This means that the remaining Division One team, Great Harwood, has to join the Division Two teams.

Colne voted against this restiction to Category Two swimmers.

On Tuesday, 9th May, Todmorden withdrew from the League, thus cancelling all their fixtures.