This years gala will take place on . Warm-up 6:50pm for a 7:05pm start.

Entry for the gala is free. The under 10s will do 25m (1 length) for all strokes, the 10 year olds will be doing 1 length butterfly and 2 lengths of the other strokes. And those that are 11 years and over will be doing 50m (2 lengths) for all strokes.

Swimmers 9 years and over will be allowed to enter the Individual Medley.

The age groups are as at the 31st December, which means if you are 11 this year you swim as an 11 year old.

Remember you have to do ALL four strokes to qualify for the most improved swimmer trophy. This does not include the Individual Medley

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Individual Medley

On-line entries are now closed.