To ALL parents. Please try AND look at the Notice Board regularly. Be informed.

January 2022

Date Event
16th The January newsletter was published and available to download from the Club website.
12th Minutes of Committee Meeting

Present: A. Croxall, P. Croxall, J. Croxall, M. Ennis, J. Higginbottom, O. Rudolph, F. Roberts,
M. Turner, K. Critchley

The Minutes of the last Zoom meeting were read and duly signed as correct.

Matters arising:

1. The Presentation and Disco had been very well attended with only a couple of swimmers not able to receive their trophies. At present they have all been collected. A representative from Pendleside Hospice had been able to attend and collect their cheque.

2. John had sent us the final accounts for the year, thanks to the sponsored swim our losses were significantly reduced. Many thanks were given to John for his work over the years.
Oz was still waiting to hear from Nat West to update our accounts. He had also looked into the possibility of using a card reader for the club. Philip pointed out that there was an email address for Treasurer @, he would forward Oz the relevant details.

3. We were awaiting the delivery of the club t shirts.

4. I requested photos of the committee members who were missing from our notice board in order to update it.

5. Philip asked if committee members could think about a Club Trip for the swimmers sometime towards the end of June.

6. Our first gala, The Cherry Wilkinson Age Group Gala, would be held on Thursday 10th February. There would be no presentation of most improved swimmer trophy until the next one in June. I would issue all swimmers certificates with their times on.

7. The first Club Trials of the year would be on Thursday 3rd February.

8. The next meeting would be via Zoom on Wednesday 2nd February at 8.00p.m.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm.
6th The Swimming Club resumes after the Christmas break. Masks only need to be worn wearing whilst walking about.

December 2021

Date Event
16th The last Club session of 2021.
11th Annual Presentation

For once the weather was not horrible as we held our annual presentation at the Nelson Cricket Club. It had been two years since the last one, due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic. As a result the numbers were less than in previous years, which allowed everyone to space themselves out.

Club Coach Andrew Croxall was the master of ceremonies for the evening, as he read out the results

The first presentation was to a representative from Pendleside Hospice, who received a cheque for £1100. This was 50% of the overall total that we raised at the sponsored swim in October. This year was the most we have ever raised as we received £2200. Thank you everyone.

The trophies won at the Club Championship Galas held in November were presented to the winners, and in line with Covid protocols each medal winner picked up their own medals. If it was good enough for the Olympics, then it was good enough for us.

The winners of the Betty Petty Style Trophies were announced as Isaac Critchley and Libby Cox. The Spot-On Competition winner was announced as Mia Dodman who was 1.12 seconds off her time and received £20. Saskia Daly was second and received £10. Due to only four swimmers taking part the next two swimmers received £5 each, and they were Isaac Critchley and Gracie Adamson.

The special trophies were then handed out with the John Dobbin Memorial Trophy going to Freya Smith-Shelley who showed courage in gaining confidence in the water. Once her fears were conquered she started to progress quickly, and she is now swimming in the large pool.
The Bramhill Memorial Trophy went to James Hindle who had gone from the small pool to one of the faster teaching lanes in the large pool, all in the space of a few months.

For Services to the Club, the Two Alberts Trophy went to Isabel Redfearn, who throughout the stop start nature of the Covid lockdowns was an ever present member to the teaching staff, who came both Monday and Thursday, and also gained her teaching qualification during the first lockdown.

Once the trophy and medal winners assembled for a group photo, then buffet was opened and the music started.
1st Minutes of Committee Meeting

Present: A. Croxall, P. Croxall, J. Croxall, M. Ennis, J. Higginbottom, O. Rudolph, F. Roberts, M. Turner, K. Critchley

Welcome to Kevin for joining the committee

The Minutes of the last Zoom meeting were read and duly signed as correct.

Matters arising:

1. We had received the latest Bank figures from John. We were going to make a loss this year but it wouldn't be as bad as first though thanks to the Sponsored swim. A Total of £2200 had been raised so it was decided to donate £1100 to Pendleside Hospice, I would contact them, and hopefully they would be able to join us at our Annual Presentation on 11th December. Philip also suggested that we look into some form of card reader/PayPal could be put in place for the collection of monies as not many people carried cash with them these days. Oz agreed to look into the matter.

2. The Club captains would be Thomas Holgate for the boys and Saskia Daly for the girls.

3. The trophy secretary had resigned Kevin Critchley had volunteered to be the new one. I had also said that I would be standing down at the AGM next year. This was a paid position with a £500 honorarium. Advertisement had already begun.

4. The Presentation was still going ahead on Saturday 11th December at Nelson Cricket Club. We had ordered a total of 60 for the £5.60 buffet.

5. The dates for your dairy for the coming year were:
Cherry Wilkinson Gala (Most Improved) Thursday 10th February
Cherry Wilkinson Gala (Most Improved) Thursday 30th June
Betty Petty Correct Style Gala Monday7th and Thursday 10th November
Championship Gala Part 1 Monday 14th November
Championship Gala Part 2 Thursday 17th November
Xmas Sprints Thursday 1st December
Presentation Saturday 10th December T.B.C.

6. Christmas Holidays: The final session would be Thursday 16th December, re-opening on Thursday 6th January.

7. It was pointed out that we needed some more Poolside T shirts, I would order them along with T shirts for the Club Captains. Also Mark said that some of our fins were not very good. As I do a stock take at the beginning of the New Year I would sort them, and we would purchase new ones as necessary.

8. I would complete the Club Card for next year and get 150 printed as previous.

9. The next meeting would be via Zoom on Wednesday 12th January at 8.00pm.

The meeting finished at 8.50pm.

November 2021

Date Event
18th Championship Gala Part Two

The second gala had more swimmers than Monday, but was still a low turn-out. This was due to the on going pandemic. Yet there was at two swimmers in every event which made it a contest and again like Monday, there were no new records set.
Kian Noon was the most successful swimmer winning all 6 of his events, which gave a total of 11 trophies out of possible 11.
The trophies were shared more evenly in the girls as both Eleanor Holgate and Saskia Daly won four tropies apiece. There were four swimmers winning two trophies and they were Betsy Rider, Isaac Critchley, Luke Chew and Zoe Blackadder. The two remaining trophies were won by Sammi Clough and Walter Bennett.

There were only four swimmers taking part in the Spot-On competition, and they will have to wait until the presentation to find out who won.

The full results can be found here.

The trophies will be presented at the Annual Presentation which will be held at the Nelson Cricket Club on Saturday, 11th December.
15th Championship Gala Part One

The return of the Club Championships was met by a low turn-out. Still every race was contested for. There were no new records on the night, but Kian Noon was the most successful winning 5 events. Eleanor Holgate won 4 events, whilst Betsy Rider won 3. Winning 2 events were Abigail Scanlon, Charlie Reddy, Luke Chew and Saskia Daly. The remaining trophies were won by Henry Clough, Isaac Chew, Isaac Critchley and Mia Dodman as they won an event each.

The full results can be found here.

The trophies will be presented at the Annual Presentation which will be held at the Nelson Cricket Club on Saturday, 11th December.

Betty Petty Style Trophy

There were a total of 17 swimmers taking part in the Betty Petty Style Trophy, with 11 girls and 6 boys.

The scores have been added up and the winners known, but this will only be revealed at the Presentation on Saturday, 11th December at the Nelson Cricket Club.
3rd Minutes of Committee Meeting

Present: A. Croxall, P. Croxall, J. Croxall, M. Ennis, J. Higginbottom, O. Rudolph, F. Roberts,C. Taylor, M. Turner

1. Welcome for joining us.
2. We had received the latest Bank figures from John. We were going to make a loss this year but it wouldn't be as bad as first though thanks to the Sponsored swim. This was going to be John's last duty as Treasurer, before handing over to Oz Rudolph. John, Oz and Philip were going to the Bank and Building Society on Friday to make it official. A vote of thanks were given to John for keeping the books in good order.
3. As the ASA affiliation fees were only going up slightly Membership Subscriptions for 2022 would be kept at the same level, with a review f the situation in March.
4. John would be our delegate for North Lancs and Lancashire Counties as the meetings were now held via Zoom.
5. As we no longer had a President of the Club, it was agreed that we make John Higginbottom President.
6. The Club Captains would be decided later.
7. Our Trophy Secretary had unfortunately had to resign due to work committments, Philip and myself would do it as a one off for this year. We would advertise for a new Trophy Secretary as soon as possible.
8. Our sponsored swim had so far reached £1260.65
9. The start of the Championship Galas would be on Monday & Thursday next week with the Betty Petty correct style competition. Followed by Championship part 1 on Monday 15th November and Part 2 Thursday 18th November.
10 The Presentation & Disco would be held at Nelson Cricket Club on Saturday 11th December doors open 7.00p.m. Tickets would be available at £6 for adults and £4 for children. No ticket required to just pick up your trophies.
11. The last trials of the year would be Thursday 4th November.
12. The next meeting would be via Zoom on Wednesday 1st December.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm.

October 2021

Date Event
20th Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at The Crown Hotel.

Present: Philip Croxall, Joan Croxall, John Higginbottom, Mark Ennis, Mark Turner, June Foulkes, Frankie Roberts, Oz, Rudolph.

Welcome to all.
  • Minutes of last Annual General Meeting were read and duly signed as a true record. Proposed by Mark Turner, seconded by Mark Ennis.
  • No Matters Arising.
  • The Chairman gave a brief report of what was happening at the Club.
    A vote of thanks was given to Philip.
  • John gave a report on our Financial situation, because of the pandemic the club had made a small loss. But we were still in a healthy situation.
    It was accepted as a true record, proposed by Mark Turner, seconded by Mark Ennis. A big vote of thanks was given to John for all his work over the years as he was stepping down this year. Mr. O. Rudolph would be taking over this position.
  • Coaches Report - none to hand
  • No teachers report to hand, several of the young teachers had left for university etc., Over the last few weeks a couple of parents had been helping on the pool side. We were constantly asking for more parental help.
  • Masters Report - Nothing much had been happening with the Masters as competition was just starting to start again. We have had several swimmers taking part in Open Water swims.
  • Press Report - no contact had been made with the press. Our sponsorship of the Clubs web site was due for renewal, I would contact the 2 sponsors we had at the moment to see if they were willing to carry on with their sponsorship.
  • Welfare Report - No welfare issues to report.
  • Officers of the Club:
    Chair: Mr. P. Croxall
    Secretary: Mrs. J. Croxall
    Treasurer: Mr. O. Rudolph
    Hon.Independent Auditor: Mr. A. Cott
    Membership Secretary: Miss F. Roberts.
    Welfare Officer: Mrs. D. Ashby
    Social Secretary: Mrs. J. Foulkes
    Trophy Secretary: Mrs. S. Warner
    Registration Secretary: Mrs. J. Croxall
    Press Secretary: Mr. P. Croxall
    Masters Secretary: Mr. P. Croxall
    Competition Secretary: Coach
    Shop Mrs. J.Croxall
    Friendly League Delegates: Mrs C. Taylor / Mrs J Croxall
    Team Manager Mrs. C. Taylor
  • Committee Members Re-elected for 2 years
    Mr. A. Croxall, Mr. P.Croxall, Mr. M. Ennis, Miss F. Roberts, Mr. O. Rudolph
  • Members with 12 months remaining:
    Mrs. J. Foulkes, Dr. M. Turner, Mrs. C. Taylor, Mrs. N. Khan
  • No correspondance.

  • Any Other Business:
    • Swim Mark - We had successfully achieved Swim Mark Accreditation.
    • Outdoor Elements - The Club trip had been attended by 28 people who thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    • Sponsored Swim - had taken place on the 11th and 14th October, there had been a total of 41 swimmers, with 12 swimmers completing the 1 hour swim challenge.
    • Club Championships. They would be taking place as normal in November to try and bring some normality back to the Club. The presentation would be taking place at Nelson Cricket Club on Saturday 11th December.
    • The next meeting would by Zoom on Wednesday 3rd November at 8.00p.m . I would email all committee members the code.
    There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.00pm.
    Sponsored Swim in Aid of Pendleside Hospice

    There were 41 taking on the sponsored swim challenge, with 29 trying to do as many lengths in 25 minutes, and a further 12 taking up the hour challenge.

    Issac Critchley managed the most lengths in 25 minutes with 55, and Thomas Holgate managing 146 lengths in 1 hour.

    To all those that took part in the swim, we ask that you return your sponsor monies as soon as possible.

    September 2021

    Date Event
    25th Club Trip to Outdoor Elements

    The Club trip to Outdoor Elements was attended by 9 boys and 12 girls, with 3 parents having a go at some of the activities.
    The activites ranged from Archery, Climbing Trees, Jacob's Ladder, Leap of Faith, Zip Line, Shelter Building and Fire Lighting.
    All who attended had a full day of fun.
    23rd Venue of the AGM has been changed to the Crown Hotel on 20th October. Meeting will start at 7:30pm
    16th A further six new members attended the re-arranged small pool trials.
    9th We had 7 potential new members attending the large pool trials.
    8th Minutes of a Zoom Committee Meeting
    Present: A.Croxall, P.Croxall, J.Croxall, M.Ennis, J.Higginbottom
    Apologies: C.Taylor, M.Turner

    1. Welcome for joining us.
    2. We still had a healthy bank balance. Thanks given to John
    3. The Club Trip to Outdoor Elements had been booked for Saturday, 25th September. It would be free for members of the swimming club, but we will require a £5 refunable deposit to book a place. We would produce leaflets both on the website and to hand out.
    4. The sponsored swim would take place on Monday and Thursday 11th & 14th October. It would be in memory of Steve Craig with 50% going to Pendleside Hospice, his chosen charity. Forms were available on the website. And it was displayed on our Notice Board.
    5. Our Swim Mark accreditation would be due for submission by the 10th September. The only thing that was missing was Daryn's safeguarding certificate. I was having trouble locating her and nobody had heard from her. I would explain to ASA and we would have to find a new Welfare Officer.
    6. Philip would be publishing the News Letter this weekend.
    7. A.G.M. would be held at Pendle Leisure Centre on Wednesday October 20th at 7:30pm. We were running very short of helpers and teachers, so it was hoped that having a face to face meeting we would be able to recruit more people, otherwise the Club would fold.
    8. We had been invited to take part in a 'No Frills Meet' at Darwen in October, but as there were no spectators being allowed, and we didn't have many swimmers we would not be attending.
    9. The next meeting would be the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 20th October.
    The meeting finished at 8:40pm.
    8th Small pool at Pendle Leisure is closed, therefore the trials and classes have been cancelled. The trials will now take place the following Thursday on 16th September.
    2nd We return to six lanes in the large pool.

    July 2021

    Date Event
    14th The Committee agrees that both the Club trip on 25th September and the sponsored swim in October will go aehead as planned. Also the Club Championship Galas in November will return
    3rd Entry forms for the Club Championship Gala and Betty Petty Style Competition in November have been published to the website.
    1st Swimming Club Trials held, but unfortunately due to potential new members having to isolate, we only had one swimmers in the small pool and one in the large pool.
    1st Sponsor forms for the sponsored swim in October have been published to the website. Forms have also been placed on our Notice Board.

    June 2021

    Date Event
    21st June newsletter published
    17th Between the Club Chairman Philip Croxall, the teachers on the pool side and Pendle Leisure Centre manager, a structure was agreed on how we could hold trials for entry to the swimming club on Thursday, 1st July that did not contravene the Covid protocols.
    14th Social Distancing rules and current restrictions will remain in place until at least Monday, 19th July
    9th The Committee agree to close for the entire month of August to give everyone a break. Enjoy your summer.

    May 2021

    Date Event
    17th Lanes restrutured to allow for a fourth lane.
    10th Swimmers aged 18 and over can return to the Club to train from Monday, 17th May.
    5th The committee agree to put dates forward for activities to occur later this year. Dependant upon Covid restrictions.
    18s and over return on 17th May
    Social distancing relaxed from 21st June
    Club trip to Outdoor Elements in September
    Sponsored Swim in memory of Steve Craig in October
    Club Championship Galas return in November.

    April 2021

    Date Event
    12th The Swimming Club returns to the pool after the national lockdown.
    5th The Government confirms that indoor swimming pools can re-open on Monday, 12th April, therefore the Club will be resuming as planned.

    March 2021

    Date Event
    31st At the Committee Meeting it was agreed that the Club will re-open on Monday, 12th April providing the Government allows indoor pools to re-open.
    1st The Zoom Committee Meeting on Wednesday, 3rd March has been cancelled. There will now be a meeting on Wednesday, 31st March to discuss the restarting of the Club on Monday, 12th April.

    February 2021

    Date Event
    22nd It was announced by Prime Minister that swimming pools could open on Monday, 12th April.

    January 2021

    Date Event
    28th Cancelled the February Committee Meeting
    28th Insurance for all members who returned after the first lockdown has been paid to Swim England. Annual subscriptions to the Club has been covered by last year's membership.

    December 2020

    Date Event
    31st Lancashire moved into Tier 4 Covid restrictions which means that the Club will not resume in January.
    17th Last Club session of 2020.
    3rd The Swimming Club restarts after the November lockdown for England. There are no restrictions on swimmers under 18, but those swimmers 18 or over before 31st August cannot swim in Club sessions whilst the area is under Tier 3 restrictions.

    November 2020

    Date Event
    30th We have been given the go ahead to resume Club activities from Thursday, 4th December.
    4th Second National Lockdown for England starts. All pools have to close
    2nd The Pendle Leisure Centre confirms that they will close in response to the second National lockdown imposed by the government. The last Club session will be tonight.

    This means that the Club Championship Galas and the Christmas Sprint Gala are officially cancelled.

    October 2020

    Date Event
    31st The government announce a second national lockdown which will affect the Club accessing the Pendle Leisure Centre.
    7th Annual General Meeting 2020

    This years meeting was held online using Zoom. The meeting was chaired by Philip Croxall, with the Secretary Joan Croxall. In attendance at the meeting was John Higginbottom, Andrew Croxall, Mark Ennis, Mark Turner, Cara Taylor and June Foulkes.

    Mark Ennis agreed to join the committee as the meetings going forward will be held online.

    September 2020

    Date Event
    28th Steve Craig (1954-2020) lost his fight with his terminal illness aged 65.

    He had been associated with the Club since the 1970's, first as a swimmer and then a single parent to Rosanna and Oliver as they joined the Club.
    For a brief period, Steve became Club Secretary, and lately he has been running the Club shop, was last seen at the Club just before lockdown, even as he fought this disease. He even made a swimming comeback in 2008 as a Masters swimmer for a couple a years.
    Always had an answer whether you had a question or not, and was always approachable in his cheeky way. Was liked by all who knew him. Was passionate about his football team Liverpool, and got to witness them claim another league title after a long wait.

    He will be missed by all. Rest in Peace Steve.
    26th Annual AGM will be held online via Zoom on Wednesday, 7th October at 8:00pm
    20th Advertising for the position of Club Treasurer, as John Higgingbottom will be stepping down towards the end of the year, as he approaches his 80th birthday.
    20th Lanes restructured for both Monday and Thursday evenings, highlighting those that have returned or intend to return, and those that have not contacted us.
    14th Club restarted after the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
    There were more swimmers in the later session than the early one, but both were less than capacity.
    9th On-line Committee Meeting discussed the restart of the Club and agreed to resume Club activities from Monday, 14th September. The session times have been changed to comply with Pendle Leisure Covid protocols.

    Large Pool (Monday and Thursday)
    1st Session: 7:30pm - 8:15pm
    2nd Session: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

    Small Pool (Thursday only)
    6:15pm - 7:15pm
    8th Philip Croxall, Joan Croxall and Andrew Croxall meet with Samantha Lamb and Alison of Pendle Leisure to discuss the re-starting of the swimming club.
    1st Pendle Leisure Centre reopens after the leak was repaired.

    July 2020

    Date Event
    25th Clubs can return to the pool from today, but unfortunately the Pendle Leisure Centre pools will remain closed due to a major water leak. It will take the contractors a few weeks to resolve the issue.
    20th Sisters Rachel and Charlotte Leigh have been taking on-line courses to improve their skills and as a result Charlotte is now an ASA Level 1 qualified teacher, whilst Rachel is now an ASA Level 2 quualified teacher.

    June 2020

    Date Event
    22nd Friendly League

    The 2020 Season of the North East Lancs Friendly League has now been cancelled.

    Due to the Government not making a decision when swimming pools are going to be re-allowed to open, it has been decided to cancel the remaining fixtures of the 2020 season.
    21st Survey created for our return to the water.

    May 2020

    Date Event
    16th Isabel Redfearn completed her ASA Level 1 Teacher qualification online during lockdown. She also completed an online Safeguarding Course.

    April 2020

    Date Event
    4th Wavepower 2020-2023

    The necessary Wavepower 2020-2023 documents had been added to the Club website.

    March 2020

    Date Event
    20th All Club Activities had Ceased due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
    19th The Small Pool classes were cancelled due to the lack of teaching cover
    16th Friendly League

    In the third gala of the season, Colne were hosts to Accrington in the North East Lancs Friendly League at the Pendle Leisure Centre.

    It was an evenly matched contest between the two teams, as they traded wins throughout the contest, with neither team dominating. Yet in the end it was Accrington who prevailed to win the contest by 59 points to 54.

    During the gala there were 19 new personal bests amongst the boys and 15 amongst the girls.

    Colne's next fixture against Todmorden on Monday, 23rd March has been postponed and will take place in September.
    16th The schools galas were cancelled due to the coronavirus COVID-19.
    10th Pendle Schools Gala

    Chairman Philip Croxall and swimmers Mia Dodman, Caitlin Harper, Isobel Redfern, Kian Noon and Ben Middleton help out with the officiating at the first of three school galas.
    4th Committee Meeting

    The Club trip will be returning to Lightwater Valley on Saturday, 27th June.
    The Club will be closed over the two weeks either side of Easter.
    We will no longer holding land training sessions on a Friday, once the current 10 week block has expired.
    2nd Friendly League

    The young swimmers of Colne ASC travelled down the M65 to the Mercer Hall Leisure Centre in Great Harwood for their next fixture in this seasons North East Lancs Friendly League.

    Great Harwood proved to be too strong for the Colne swimmers as they won the contest by 62 points to 50.

    Colne's next fixture will be at home to Accrington on Monday, 16th March.

    February 2020

    Date Event
    27th Most Improved Swimmer

    Isaac Critchley received his award for the Most Improved Swimmer from Club Secretary Joan Croxall. From June 2019 until January 2020, Isaac made a 10.12% improvement across all four strokes.
    6th Most Improved Swimmer

    Maisie Dawson received her award for the Most Improved Swimmer from Club Coach Andrew Croxall. From June 2019 until January 2020, Maisie made a 10.88% improvement across all four strokes.
    5th Committee Meeting

    It was decided that the Club newsletter would become a member benefit.
    3rd Friendly League

    It was an early start in the year for the 2020 season of the Friendly League when Colne were hosts to Burnley Bobcats at the Pendle Leisure Centre.

    Burnley started the gala strongly as they won most of the initial races, and this trend continued throughout the gala. Yet quite a lot of the races were very close, but it was Burnley who had the better finishes.

    The overall score was quite convincing as Burnley won by 71 points to 44. Despite this the Colne swimmers put in a valiant performance and managed an impressive 23 personal bests amongst the boys and 29 amongst the girls.

    Colne's next fixture will be away at Great Harwood on Monday, 2nd March when they take on the 2019 champions.
    2nd Most Improved Swimmer

    The Most Improved Swimmers for January are Isaac Critchley and Maisie Dawson. Both swimmers made a 10% improvement since June.

    Click here for results.....

    January 2020

    Date Event
    23rd January Age Group Gala

    There were a total of 23 boys and 23 girls who participated in the Cherry Wilkinson Memorial Gala for January, of which, only 9 boys and 5 girls qualified for the Most Imporved Swimmer for January.

    The presentation will be made poolside from week beginning Monday, 3rd February
    1st Presentation photos uploaded to the Club website

    Click here for photos.....