1.   All swimmers should have respect for:-
      a.   Each other
      b.   The coaches & officials
      c.   Other teams
      d.   Property & equipment
2.   When asked to do something by a club official or teacher/coach swimmers should co-operate and complete the task with no fuss or argument.
3.   Each member of the club is there to swim and therefore those swimmers who are disruptive in their lane will be asked to leave the water. If asked to leave, the swimmer may get changed but must return to poolside until their parent or guardian collects them.
4.   It is fine to have a social gathering before swimming but all swimmers must be on poolside at the correct time ready to swim. It is not fair to coaches or teachers if they are not.
5.   At all training sessions, galas and Club Championships all water bottles and rubbish must be picked up and disposed of correctly.
6.   All swimmers should check the notice board on a weekly basis. If there is a gala list they should indicate if they are unavailable to swim.
7.   All swimmers are requested to wear swimming hats during training sessions. Hair must be firmly fixed to the head if not wearing hats.  Swimmers with hair splaying loosely will be asked to leave the water.  This is a health and safety measure.
8.   For your own safety ALL jewellery must be removed before entering the water.
9.   If you are unavoidably late for any session, you or your parent should see your teacher/coach BEFORE you get changed to see whether it is all right to do so.
10.   All Club rules as displayed on the notice board must be adhered to.
11.   All swimmers should conform to all rules of Pendle Leisure Trust.