This years gala will take place on Monday, 19th November and Thursday, 22nd November . Warm-up 6.50pm.
The Betty Petty Style Trophy will take place on week beginning Monday, 12th November , 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

All entries are free apart from the Spot-On competition which costs 1 per entry. This is open to any member of the Club including parents and teachers.

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'Spot-On' Competition Any Stroke 50 metres THURSDAY
Stroke: Time: seconds

Learners Length Any Stroke 25 metres MONDAY

8 years & under

Dowling Shield Backstroke 25 metres MONDAY
Croxall Shield Breaststroke 25 metres THURSDAY
Wilkinson Shield Frontcrawl 25 metres THURSDAY

10 years & under

Provincial Trophy Butterfly 25 metres THURSDAY
Bramhill Cup Backstroke 25 metres THURSDAY
Woodthorpe White Trophy Breaststroke 25 metres MONDAY
Stanley Hendley Trophy Frontcrawl 25 metres MONDAY
Harry Dewhurst Trophy Individual Medley 100 metres MONDAY

9 to 13 years

Millennium Trophy Butterfly 50 metres MONDAY
Dalorash Tropy Backstroke 50 metres MONDAY
Stanworth Shield Breaststroke 50 metres THURSDAY
Seed Ford Trophy Frontcrawl 50 metres THURSDAY

15 years & under

Betty Petty Style Trophy CLUB NIGHT
Boys Medley Trophy Individual Medley 100 metres THURSDAY
Junior Championship Freestyle 100 metres MONDAY

11 years & over

Hendley Memorial Shield Backstroke 100 metres THURSDAY
Golden Jubilee Trophy Breaststroke 100 metres MONDAY

14 years & over

The Davidson Trophy Butterfly 50 metres THURSDAY
The Claines Trophy Backstroke 50 metres MONDAY
The '30 Second' Cup Breaststroke 50 metres THURSDAY
Presidents Cup Frontcrawl 50 metres THURSDAY
The Tony Catterall Trophy Frontcrawl 100 metres MONDAY


The Corteen Cup Individual Medley 200 metres MONDAY
Senior Championship Freestyle 200 metres THURSDAY

On-line entries are now closed.